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Dear participant,

it is a great pleasure for us to welcome you to the 2022 joint meeting of the European Frequency  and Time  Forum and IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium. After the in-person joint meeting in Orlando in 2019 and the virtual joint meeting in 2021, we are looking forward to meeting again physically in Paris, France, at the conference center of the Cité des Sciences museum. We hope this edition will perpetuate the long standing quality of EFTF and IFCS conferences, with a tutorial session, an industrial exhibition, and technical poster and oral sessions.

Because travel restrictions still affect several countries, this conference will follow a hybrid format, with talks, posters and discussions accessible to remote participants. The hybrid format will be as close as possible to the traditional physical conference format: remote participants will be able to present their talk and to listen to other virtual or on-site talks live, with a real-time Q&A feature. The authors of posters on-site will have the opportunity to present their work physically to their colleagues, while all posters will be presented in an interactive virtual reality platform during the second poster session.

This adventure to redefine the format of our conferences, in a context where hybrid events may eventually become the norm, owes a lot to UFFC and SFMC, who fully support the event despite its uncertain conditions ; but also to the participants, some willing to travel in the still fragile sanitary conditions, others willing to adhere to the virtual format.

We will have the pleasure to listen to two outstanding plenary speakers. Nobel Laureate in physics, Roger Penrose of the Oxford Mathematical Institute, eclectic scientist famous for his work on general relativity, cosmology and the geometrical objects he discovered, will talk about the connection between time, relativity and black holes. David Kaiser, MIT, famous for his award winning physics books, will discuss his work on closing loop holes in tests of Bell inequalities in the cosmos.

In-person participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a private visit of the science museum, and especially the "Banquet" exhibition, a journey through gastronomy. The visit will be followed by a gala dinner under the guidance of the Solar Impulse plane.

We wish you a stimulating and inspiring conference in Paris!

Jérôme Lodewyck, General Co-Chair
Eric Burt, General Co-Chair
Yann Le Coq, TPC Co-Chair
Andrew Ludlow, TPC Co-Chair
Philip Tuckey, Chair of the EFTF EC
Ekkehard Peik, Chair of the IFCS SC

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