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The finalists of the student poster competition will present their work during the virtual poster sessions (Monday 25th 18:00 and Tuesday 26th 8:40). Seven of them will be selected as winners of the competition, and will receive a prize during the Gala dinner

The winners are highlighted in bold. Congratulations!

5178 Michael D'Agati High-Q Factor Multiferroic Resonant MEMS Low Frequency Magnetic Field Sensors Group 4 Session 1bis
5267 Xintian Liu Temperature-Insensitive Resonant Strain Sensor Group 4 Session 1bis
5156 Zhao Xuanyi Improving Thermal Linearity and Quality Factor of Al72Sc28N Contour Mode Resonators Group 1 Session 1bis
5291 Mo Dicheng A 7GHz-13.4 GHz Complementary Switchable Thickness Extensional Bulk Acoustic Resonators using Laminated Ferroelectric Sc0.28Al0.72N Group 1 Session 1bis
5289 Onurcan Kaya Frequency Reprogrammable Al0.7Sc0.3N Acoustic Delay Line with up to 13.5 % Bandwidth Group 1 Session 2
5159 Gabriel Garibaldi X-Band Multi-frequency 30%Compound ScAlN Microacoustic Resonators and Filters for 5G Group 1 Session 2
5062 Pierre Travers Parametric Study on the Phase Noise of an Optoelectronic Oscillator Submitted to Vibrations Group 2 Session 2
5200 Rachel Cannon Miniaturized High-Reliability Lasers for Quantum Technologies Group 2 Session 2
5203 Alexis Bougaud Numerical Study of a COEO Device Versus Loop Chromatic Dispersion and Detuning Group 2 Session 2
5230 Antoine Baudiquez Comparison Between cross-Spectrum and Spectrum Average Generalized to q-Devices Group 2 Session 2
5014 Clément Carlé Tackling light-Shifts in a microcell Atomic Clock with Symmetric Auto-Balanced Ramsey Sequence Group 3 Session 2
5105 Gabriela Martinez Progress Toward Miniaturized Atomic Beam Sources Group 3 Session 2
5006 Jize Han Toward a high-Performance Transportable Microwave Frequency Standard Based on sympathetically-Cooled 113Cd⁺ Ions Group 3 Session 2
5050 Samuel Walby Normalised Detection of Clock States by Cold Atom Recapture Method Group 3 Session 2
5134 Antonacci Marco Planar Grin Lenses for MEMS Energy harversters: a Macroscale Proof of Concept Group 4 Session 2
5169 Terence Blésin Microwave-Optical Transduction Using High Overtone Bulk Acoustic Resonances Group 4 Session 2
5036 Emily Caldwell Photon Efficient Optical Time Transfer Group 5 Session 2
5060 Nicolas Maron Free Space Optical Link for Frequency Comparison and Chronometric Geodesy Group 5 Session 2
5021 Jaffar Kadum Optical Frequency Transfer with 1×10⁻²¹ Uncertainty Using a DFB Laser-Based Fiber Brillouin Amplifier Group 5 Session 2
5046 Qi Li New Method for Cascaded fiber-Optic Radio Frequency Transfer Group 5 Session 2
5023 Nicholas Nardelli Transfer Oscillator Technique for Generation of 10 GHz low-Noise Microwaves with High Accuracy Group 6a Session 2
5096 Jialiang Yu Noise Contributions in Crystalline Mirror Coatings Group 6a Session 2
5195 Anat Siddharth Low-Noise near-Ultraviolet Photonic Integrated Lasers Group 6a Session 2
5239 Sheng Zhou Towards a Continuous Active Optical Clock Using superradiance on the Strontium Clock Transition Group 6a Session 2
5101 Johannes Kramer 27Al⁺ Clock at PTB - Recent Improvements on the Error Budget Group 6b Session 2
5247 Irene Goti New Absolute Frequency Measurement of the Improved 171Yb Optical Lattice Clock at INRiM Group 6b Session 2
5235 Miguel Cifuentes Marin Generating LG Modes for Atom Trapping in a Sr Optical Lattice Clock Group 6b Session 2
5191 Qixin Liu Recent Progress of Mercury Lattice Clock in SIOM Group 6b Session 2
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