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EFTF-IFCS 2022 Joint Conference, Paris, France

This year’s joint meeting of the European Frequency and Time Forum & International Frequency Control Symposium will be held for the first time in Paris, at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, April 24th – 28th. The Congress Center where we will gather is located in the basement of the structure, it is not accessible to the visitors of the museum. The Cité des Sciences parking lot will be accessible to exhibitors for booth set-up and dismantling (Sunday and Thursday) but I do not have all the needed information yet. You shall be informed as soon as I know more about this.

We are all used to it now, a sanitary check will be mandatory each time you will enter the Cité des Sciences. As the museum is opened to visitors, participants of EFTF-IFCS 2022 will have a dedicated door and dedicated sanitary check. Please make sure your sanitary situation (vaccines) complies to the requests of the French government. Information about these requests will be updated on the website of the conference. We will have just a few spare facial masks, please make sure to have enough of them for the entire event. As of today, they will be mandatory for the entire event.

You will need your badge to go through the dedicated access. For the first day we will manage to have someone at the main entrance in case of problems. You also might want to come every day a few minutes earlier than scheduled due to the delays induced by the sanitary and security checks (bags might have to be opened at security doors).

Exhibitors will have a dedicated registration desk. Do not register at the desks for regular participants. The exhibition area itself will be located at the -2 level, down the stairs leading to the main lecture room. Three spots are available for us : 1 in front of the main lecture room (for patrons and double booths), plus one on each aisle of the -2 level. These aisles will be used for the coffea breaks. Buffets for the breaks will be dispatched around the booths to ensure and maximize visibility and interaction for every company.


Parcels have to be shipped to Paris Observatory, deadline of arrival : Wednesday April 20th. Everything will then be brought to the conference center by our own means and dispatched to your allocated booth.

DO NOT SEND anything to “Cité des Sciences”

Paris Observatory address :

Observatoire de Paris - SYRTE
77 avenue Denfert Rochereau
75014 PARIS
+33 (0)1 40 51 22 21

Local contact person for delivery : Jérôme Lodewyck

► Make sure to send your parcels as “temporary export”.

To ship back your parcels, prepare things in advance so that they can be retrieved on Thursday April 28th afternoon by your shipping company at the Cité des Sciences, or Monday May 2nd at the Paris Observatory. We would recommend this second option to avoid problems at customs because of a different address for shipping back from France.


Booth floor space :           3m x 2m (10 x 7 feet)
Electricity                :           220 volts - 50 Hz / European standard plugs
Furnitures              :           2 seats + 2 tables (1,2m x 0,6m)
Internet access     :           a Wi-Fi access point will be available on site

Power outlet : 1 electrical access point of 3kVA for 3 single booths. Individual power arrival dispatched in each booth. It is sufficient for the needs of usual frequency and time exhibiting companies (equivalent to a basic apartment). If you intend to bring a cryo pod, please let me know in advance…

Antennas for GPS receivers could be set-up in the outdoor “smoking area” (that’s probably where I’ll be most of the time), but the sky is largely obstructed and I doubt it would be relevant to try this. Antennas would have to be brought back inside every evening anyway.

Be careful if you have 120V/230V manual switches on your devices. I’ll bring a few extra adaptors for European plugs, so don’t hesitate to ask me if you realise you forgot one…

The booths will be available from Sunday, April 24th 3:00pm until Thursday, April 28th, 2:00pm. We highly recommend you to set-up your booth on Sunday afternoon.


1 single booth :       2500 euros
1 double booth :       4650 euros

The booth fee includes complete access to the conference, meals (4 lunches and 1 social dinner), welcome buffet (Sunday evening) and coffea breaks for ONE person only.

Additional participant : 290 euros
The additional participant’s fee includes complete access to the conference, meals (4 lunches), welcome buffet (Sunday evening) and coffea breaks.

Additional participant, social dinner fee : 80 euros
(may be purchased in cash no later than Sunday evening, or on the exhibitors’ registration form)


As for previous meetings, we can propose an additional way of advertising for your company. The “Gold Sponsorship” consists of several privileges:

    Literature in attendees’ bags (or any other “goodie”)
    Company logo on the main page of the website, on the programme and the proceedings
    Verbal recognition at opening session (or social dinner)
    Company banner in the registration area / entrance (banner at your charge)
    1 additional full participant (waived fee + social dinner)

If possible, we will try to add to this pack a 2 minutes speech in a given session and/or the possibility to have a video or PDF (landscape) advertisement running on the led screens at the entrance of the main conference room.

This pack is proposed for a sponsorship of 2000 euros.


For any request, question, need, technical problem, shipping, travel/hotel help, you will have just one interlocutor :

Société Française des Microtechniques et de Chronométrie (SFMC)
c/o Observatoire de Besançon
41 bis avenue de l’observatoire
BP 1615
Cell : +33 (0)611 416 325
e-mail : contact (at) (you will get the answer from my joel.petetin (at) address)

(Most of you already know me so I’m not worried, but for those who don’t, please take into consideration that I have to work on this EFTF-IFCS exhibition on my free time, so you might get my reply only the next day)

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